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The University Staff Club – the first university staff support group in the U.S. – was founded in 1977 by staff members. We contribute dollars, knowledge, and enthusiasm to USC. The club’s particular interest is enhancement of staff and increase of their support role in relation to USC’s teaching, research, and cultural enrichment. Membership in this organization also assists staff in developing special friendships with other employees with similar goals and interests.

USC staff is comprised of more than 7000 individuals whose highly capable efforts give essential support to USC’s educational purposes, and there would be no USC without them. Similarly, there would be no University Staff Club without the nearly 500 individuals who support our goals and activities as we impact the university experience and quality of life. From this continued support, our endowment has grown to well over $120,000.

How does the University Staff Club support USC? Members decide which areas of the university community most deserve their assistance. The Staff Club has shown ongoing support for:

  • Staff Service Recognition Program
  • Staff Member of the Month Award
  • University Staff Club Staff Person of the Year Award
  • Staff Club Graduate Student Scholarship
  • Fall and Spring Socials
  • Annual Holiday Party

Everyone benefits from supporting a major institution of higher education. Additionally, membership in the University Staff Club offers many opportunities for friendship and fun as members develop closer ties of friendship with many of your colleagues from across the university.

And don’t forget – your Staff Club membership dues are deductible from both federal and state income taxes to the limit of the law.

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